Project561: A Legacy Project

Project561 was founded with the future in mind. Because we are and always will be run by high school students, Project561's core leadership team changes from year to year. Every year, Project561 is ran by students of many ages so that as older members graduate, the reins can be passed to younger students. Although the individuals may change from year to year, our mission remains constant. In this way, we are a legacy project. Not a legacy project for any individual, but a legacy project about an idea, about the concept of achieving unity through service.

ANNUAL Projects




Helping hand projects

While the majority of time and funds go to supporting major projects such as the GRANDcorridor, Project561 understands the importance of branching out and lending our assistance where needed. Each year, Project561 and volunteers take on a few "Helping Hand" projects, which require minimal time and financial support, instead relying on dedicated, hardworking volunteers. From conducting maintenance and planting at Stoeple Park, to installing a water catchment system at the community garden, to simply cleaning up Grand River Avenue, hundreds of volunteers who share the vision of a greater Detroit have lent a helping hand.