A dangerous intersection turned urban oaisis...

2018's GRANDpark(let) Project aimed to improve community space, enhance street amenities, and add art to the Grand River corridor to create a stronger, more vibrant commercial district for residents and businesses in the Grandmont Rosedale community. Project561, in close coordination with GRDC and Cranbrook Academy of Art, installed a parklet on Grand River, between Puritan and Plainview, with temporary pedestrian crosswalks and additional street amenities by blocking off an unsafe motorway and transforming it into an urban park and green space for residents to enjoy. The GRANDpark(let) paired with a one-day spring kick-off event for small businesses and residents, encouraging the use of the park and highlighting local businesses on the corridor.

Using donated pallets and materials already on hand, volunteers built colorful and functional park furniture, following the design plans of Cranbrook architecture students. In addition to blocking off a dangerous intersection, the bright new space brought a new venue for event programming to the neighborhood, hosting community events throughout its run.

When the time came for our pop-up park to close, all furniture was relocated to nearby CornerView park, ensuring that our volunteer's efforts will continue to benefit the communitiy, even after our project has come to a close.