About Project561



We provide opportunities for high school students to invest in the city by building relationships with Detroit residents and participating in neighborhood partnerships. Through these relationships and neighborhood improvement projects, we hope to strengthen the bond between the city and suburbs, improve the quality of life in Detroit neighborhoods, and provide greater unity between metro Detroit residents of all ages and backgrounds.



In Oakland County, many high school students feel isolated from community issues that lie in their own backyard. Project561 aims to change that. A student-led organization, we work with Detroit residents to beautify and improve neighborhoods. Projects are initiated by Detroit neighbors and leveraged by student resources and man-power. 

Through these projects, we hope to create a generation that isn't just aware of the challenges faced in their larger communities, but is actively involved in creating solutions and making a sustainable difference. Understanding that we as community members are much stronger when working together, we hope to build relationships so that the perceived distance between the 248 and 313 area codes is closed, joining as a unified 561.